Facebook Marketing

Use A Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If your business is already on Facebook, you likely know how important it is to get your website visitors to “like” your page. Driving traffic from a website to social media is important to capture a loyal following, but people often forgot about the reverse situation: driving traffic from Facebook back to your website.

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Start your Facebook remaketing in minutes

Target the right shoppers for your brand—no expertise necessary.

You can sell more with Facebook advertising

Convert window shoppers to paying customers with Facebook remarketing. With a few clicks, we’ll create hyper-targeted ads to remind your customers about products they considered but didn’t buy.

Facebook Messenger-Update Order status

Customer’s Facebook order update notification subscription status is shown in the order details. If it shows a tick, the customer will receive Facebook message as well as default email notification.

{Tag} Your Products in Posts and Stories

Make your posts and stories shoppable with product tags for your Facebook store. If your followers spot a product they like in one of your posts and click the tag, they’ll be automatically transported to your checkout page to complete their purchase.

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