A placement is where your ad appears. When you create an ad from your Facebook Page, people will be able to see that ad in several different places. We automatically adjust your ads to fit each placement and mark them as sponsored.

It’s important to note that not every placement will be available for every ad objective. For instance, Get More Leads is only available for mobile feed placements.

One ad, many placements

Select the horizontal arrows below to scroll through examples and descriptions of ad placement locations.

Facebook News Feed (desktop)

Your ads appear in the desktop News Feed for people accessing the Facebook website on their computers.

Facebook right column (desktop)

Your ads appear in the right column on Facebook on a computer.

Facebook News Feed (mobile)

Your ads appear in the mobile News Feed for people using the Facebook app on mobile devices or accessing the Facebook website through a mobile browser.

Messenger Inbox

Your ads appear in the Home tab of Messenger.

Instagram Stories

Your ads will appear to people browsing stories on Instagram.

Instagram feed

Your ads appear in the desktop feed (for people accessing the Instagram website on their laptops or desktop computers) and your feed on mobile (for people using the Instagram app on mobile devices or accessing the Instagram website through a mobile browser).

Choosing placements

We generally recommend that you keep automatic placements turned on. This allows our ad delivery system to optimise ad placement. However, there may be times when you want to control where your ad will run. In those cases, toggle the button next to Automatic placements from on to off, then unselect any placements where you don’t want your ad to appear. You can see what your ad will look like by choosing each placement type from the Preview drop-down menu, as shown here.

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