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If you’re familiar with digital advertising and have experience creating ads from your Page, you may want to try out Ads Manager. When you create ads from Ads Manager, you’ll be able to:

  • Create, manage and view ad results in one place
  • Unlock all of Facebook’s ad features and tools, including the Facebook pixel, advanced audience targeting, measurement, testing and more
  • Choose from all available ad types, ad formats and placements
  • duplicate existing ads or create new ads and save them as drafts; and

Here is an example of the Ads Manager dashboard:

There’s no right or wrong tool to create ads on Facebook. Many advertisers use multiple tools to create and manage their ads. But if you’re new to digital advertising, you might want to try advertising from your Page first. Once you become more familiar with ads, or if you need access to more features, you may want to give Ads Manager a try. Ads Manager gives you a wide range of ad objectives, as shown here.

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