Exporting ad and campaign information enables you to pull your data in CSV format, so that you can manage your ads directly on Excel. When exporting data, you have the option to select the specific campaigns, ad sets, or ads you wish to export as a CSV or text file. You can also select the specific columns you wish to export with the Customize Export feature.

This makes it easier to scale ad creation and management, and doesn’t limit you to the platform. This feature is ideal for advertisers who manage many objects and need to run a large number of ads, as well as advertisers who prefer to edit their ads in Excel, rather than on the platform.

For example, if you have a large set of underperforming ads using the same image and want to test a new image, you can export those specific ads and edit them in one spreadsheet. When your spreadsheet is ready, you can upload and publish all ads at once.

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